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My uncle made Multiversus and he says these characters are being added

Warner Bros. Interactive

Warner Bros. Interactive

Free-to-play brawler Multiversus has emerged as a genuine hit. A lot of that comes from its roster of characters, spanning from classic Looney Tunes to... actual human being LeBron James.

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Dubious “leaks” convinced players that Gus Fring is joining the Multiversus cast. Yes, that Gus FringBreaking Bad’s murderous drug kingpin — despite the fact that Multiversus only has Warner Bros. characters.

Warner Bros. Interactive

Here’s our pitch for Gus Fring and 10 more improbable Multiversus characters

11. Gus Fring

Here’s the thing: Breaking Bad isn’t owned by Warner Bros., which disqualifies Gus from the start. Also, you know, he plays a murderer in a very adult show, so it seems doubly unlikely. If you’ve got your heart set on playing Mr. Fring, let me introduce you to the wonderful world of Multiversus mods.

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10. Saul Goodman

Saul Goodman might not be as good a fighter as Gus Fring, but let’s bring the whole Breaking Bad cast in. He could be a highly technical character who fakes injuries to sue his opponents and he’s already got the ultimate finisher: the Chicago sunroof.

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9. Jean-Luc Picard

If we’re just pulling characters from random TV shows, how about the captain of the Federation’s flagship? There’s plenty of potential for alternate costumes such as Locutus and Dixon Hill, and his specials could be based on drinking tea (Earl Grey, hot) or playing a space flute.

8. Jughead

Jughead is weird. He’s a weirdo. He always has that stupid hat on. Riverdale runs on the CW, of which Warner Bros. is part owner, so this checks out in my book. And given how buckwild the show is these days, nothing is off the table for Jughead’s move set, up to and including superpowers.

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7. Goku

Fortnite has Dragon Ball characters; why not Multiversus? The extraterrestrial martial arts master actually makes a lot more sense in a fighting game than a shooter, and WB was one of Dragon Ball Z’s first U.S. broadcasters, so they’ve got history.

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6. Lola Bunny

Bugs Bunny is already in Multiversus, so this kind of feels like a gimme. Since Lola Bunny is a well-liked character who’s distinct from Bugs, it wouldn’t feel too derivative. Plus, a bunch of horny nerds would fight about whether she looks hot enough, giving Multiversus a publicity bump.

5. Pennyworth: Batman’s butler

Alfred Pennyworth already has a TV show with the most awkward subtitle ever, so he’s recognizable. Batman’s already there anyway. It could be fun to think up abilities based on butlering, or screw it, he was a soldier so just give him a gun.

4. Yakko, Wakko, and Dot

The Warner brothers and sister aren’t the most popular characters these days, but a sizable chunk of Multiversus players probably watched Animaniacs. With their infinite capacity for inventive abilities, I really wish they were in the game.

3. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

The Rock already said what’s up to gamers in a breathtakingly strange Summer Game Fest appearance earlier this year. The next logical step is to put him in Multiversus. They could give him the People’s Elbow, the Rock Bottom — hell, make him Black Adam if they have to. Just get the Rock back into the ring.

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2. Vin Diesel

Another one for the “just a real guy” lineup alongside LeBron. Vin Diesel already loves video games, founding a studio in 2002 and starring in the upcoming Ark 2, so you know he’d be on board. His famous rivalry with the Rock would bring some real-world drama to the game if they were both added.

Studio Wildcard
1. Alex from A Clockwork Orange

Let me explain. Space Jam 2 was packed with exceptionally weird Warner Bros. cameos, none more baffling than the cast of A Clockwork Orange. Putting them in Multiversus would be wildly inappropriate, but for some developers, that’s basically a marketing strategy.

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