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Every new monster in Monster Hunter Rise, ranked

Meet your new neighbors in Kamura Village.

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Monster Hunter Rise introduces a new ecosystem full of vibrant wildlife inspired by Japanese folklore for you to fight and turn into coats.

Here are all 9 new monsters you can hunt in Monster Hunter Rise, ranked from worst to best.

9. Rakna-Kadaki

A true nightmare for arachnophobes, Rakna-Kadaki is a giant spider that can immobilize the unwary in webs. If that’s not bad enough, its babies can also join the fight to trap hunters.

8. Almudron

Based on Chinese dragons and Japanese mud spirits, Almudron can use the muck it lives in to attack hunters or even build shelter for itself.

7. Tetranadon

The most relatable monster of all, Tetranadon just wants to be left alone and eat everything in sight. If you interrupt its meal, Tetranadon changes attacks based on how much its eaten, making for a varied fight.

6. Great Izuchi

Though it doesn’t look that imposing — resembling a cross between a raptor and a fox — it can command its two besties to launch coordinated attacks.

5. Magnamalo

Modeled after a samurai’s armor, Magnamalo is an extremely aggressive monster capable of summoning purple Hellfire. The aptly named “Malice Tiger Wyvern” is just as likely to attack other monsters as hunters.

4. Goss Harag

One of the most human-like monsters in the series, Goss Harag resembles a yeti with an armored face mask. Goss Harag can wield giant ice blades and move surprisingly fast, making for a difficult fight.

3. Somnacanth

Content to float on its back like an otter when left alone, the mermaid-like Somnacanth can put hunters to sleep and shoot razor sharp quills when challenged.

2. Aknosom

Aknosom is based on one of the most peculiar yokai — essentially a haunted umbrella. This rendition uses its collar like an umbrella to deflect attacks.

1. Bishaten

Bishaten’s unique appearance combines a monkey and the bird-like Tengu yokai. But the best part about this monster is its fondness for using giant persimmons to attack hunters.

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