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If you love Immortality, you need to play these 8 games ASAP

Down the rabbit hole.

Lucas Pope

Half Mermaid

Half Mermaid’s latest FMV mystery game, Immortality, lets players dive into a rabbit hole of archival footage to uncover the fate of forgotten film star Marissa Marcel.

Half Mermaid

With the potential to obsess over its mystery for hours on end, players can find themselves in gaming withdrawal after finally uncovering everything the Hollywood mystery has to offer.

Here are 8 more great games like Immortality to obsess over.

1 & 2. Her Story and Telling Lies

If scrubbing through hours of disjointed footage to uncover a mystery scratched an itch, then look no further than Immortality director Sam Barlow’s first two games which operate in much the same way.

3. Elsinore

As both an exploration of art, the feminine experience, and what it means to live, Elsinore is a loose adaptation of Hamlet that lets players turn over whatever their heart desires in search of answers.

Golden Glitch
4. Return of the Obra Dinn

Immortality doesn’t hold your hand through its mystery. For fans of this “figure it out yourself” design, Return of the Obra Dinn requires the player to actively theorize and make leaps in logic to reach its conclusion.

Lucas Pope
5. Chicory: A Colorful Tale

If Immortality’s story about the creative process struck a chord within you, then try out Finji’s painting game which has a less pessimistic vision about the making of art.

6. Lost Odyssey

What could a JRPG from the creator of Final Fantasy have in common with an FMV game? Lost Odyssey and Immortality both ask questions about what it means to be human and the cost some go to avoid the inevitability of death.

7. The Quarry

If the melding of film and video games is what grabbed you in Immortality then Supermassive Games’ horror movie send-up The Quarry should be your next game.

8. Neurocracy

The old-school editing mechanics of Immortality are unlike anything in any other video game. For an equally revolutionary interactive experience try Neurocracy, which tasks you with exploring a Wikipedia-esque site to solve a murder.


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