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12 more intriguing games coming to Xbox Game Pass in May 2022

Game Pass subscribers have a buffet of great indie games this month.

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Focus Interactive

Sam Barlow

Xbox Game Pass is closing out May with a huge batch of new games. The second half of the month brings day-one releases and indie gems.


Here are 12 more incredible games coming to Xbox Game Pass in May 2022.

12. Her Story

May 17 (PC)

In the immersive mystery Her Story, you play as an investigator piecing clues together through snippets of video footage. It comes from the same developer as the upcoming Immortality.

Sam Barlow
11. Jurassic World Evolution 2

May 17 (Cloud/Console/PC)

Jurassic World Evolution puts you in charge of your very own dino park where nothing could possibly go wrong. This sequel adds new locations and of course, new dinosaurs to take care of.

10. Little Witch in the Woods

May 17 (Console/PC)

Little Witch in the Woods is a chill life sim where you can make friends, craft potions, and explore a cozy village as (you guessed it) a little witch in the woods.

Sunny Side Up
9. Skate

May 17 (Cloud)

The Skate series has one of the most innovative skating control schemes out there. The first Skate from all the way back in 2007 is available on the Cloud.

8. Umurangi Generation

May 17 (Cloud/Console/PC)

The first-personphotography game Umurangi Generation takes place in a near-future city on the verge of catastrophe. Its photo mechanics are incredibly satisfying and its story will stick with you long after you’ve finished.

7. Farming Simulator 22

May 19 (Cloud/Console/PC)

Farming sims are having a moment right now. If you want to really get into the nitty-gritty, check out Farming Simulator 22. It’s a relaxing but rewarding game that lets you build your own farm.

6. Vampire Survivors

May 19 (PC)

The Castlevania-inspired indie game Vampire Survivors is already an underground hit with streamers. Now you can see why this supernatural top-down shooter is getting so much hype.

5. Floppy Knights

May 24 (Cloud/Console/PC)

Floppy Knights is an oh-so-cute tactics game with card-based combat. It hits Game Pass on its release day.

Rose City Games
4. Hardspace: Shipbreaker

May 24 (PC)

Manual labor IN SPACE! In the soothing but tricky Hardspace: Shipbreaker you’re saddled with debt, but unlike in real life, you work it off by cutting up spaceships for scrap.

Focus Interactive
3. Sniper Elite 5

May 26 (Console/PC)

The Sniper Elite series focuses on ultra-realistic sniping. Sniper Elite 5, coming to Game Pass on launch day, adds bigger, more beautiful maps based on real-world locations.

2. Cricket 22

May 27 (PC)

Cricket 22 offers overhauled controls and a career mode campaign to the sports series. Please don’t ask me to explain how cricket works.

1. Pac-Man Museum+

May 27 (Cloud/Console/PC)

Coming to Game Pass on day one, Pac-Man Museum+ is a collection of 14 Pac-Man games. It even has online leaderboards to capture the feeling of getting your name on the arcade high score board.

Bandai Namco

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