Day of the Devs

16 intriguing indie games revealed at Day of the Devs

Day of the Devs reveals your next indie obsessions for the coming year.

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Double Fine

Now in its 10th year, Day of the Devs is one of the best indie showcases in gaming. It features developers speaking directly about their work, plus world premieres of exciting upcoming games.

Double Fine

Here’s every incredible indie game revealed at Day of the Devs: Summer Game Fest Edition.

16. Time Flies

PC/PlayStation/Switch, 2023

From the developer of Kids, Time Flies is a game about the limited time we have on Earth. You play as a housefly trying to complete your bucket list before your minute-long lifespan ends. Think Untitled Goose Game, but less chaotic and more pensive.

15. Planet of Lana

PC/Xbox, 2022

Planet of Lana plays a bit like Inside, but with a strikingly gorgeous, colorful art style in place of creepy silhouettes. You play as a girl searching for her lost sister with the help of a magic alien cat.


Two Star Games

14. Choo-Choo Charles

PC, 2022

One of the more out-there showings this year, Choo-Choo Charles is a survival horror game about an evil train. You’ll have to gather supplies in the open world before challenging Charles to a duel in your own heavily armed (non-evil) locomotive.

13. Escape Academy

PC/PlayStation/Xbox, July 14

Coming to Game Pass on launch day, Escape Academy is being developed by a team of physical escape room designers. It follows a student of the titular Escape Academy training their skills on head-scratching puzzles.

Coin Crew Games
12. A Little to the Left

PC/Switch, 2022

A Little to the Left should scratch a similar organizational itch to Unpacking. Inspired by the developers’ own tidying habits, it challenges you to arrange everyday objects into pleasing patterns.

Max Inferno
11. Bear and Breakfast

PC/Switch, July 28

Cutesy management sim Bear and Breakfast stars a bear running a rural B&B with his friends. Exploration and crafting complement its business management side in a town where something unexpectedly spooky may be lurking in the distance.

Armor Games

Shared memory

10. Animal Well


Animal Well is an intriguing Metroidvania that adds dynamic water and lighting effects to its pixel art. It’s designed to be approachable for casual players with optional multi-layered puzzles to challenge more hardcore fans.

9. Naiad

PC, 2022

From solo dev HiWarp, Naiad is a gorgeous, peaceful game starring a water nymph. Meant to inspire relaxation and appreciation of nature, its story takes you from pristine lakes to polluted ponds in need of healing.

8. Roots of Pacha


Roots of Pacha is a farming game set in the Stone Age, where you’re part of a clan developing a new civilization. You’ll need to work with your village to domesticate animals and create new technology.

Soda Den
7. Desta: The Memories Between


From the developer of Monument Valley and Alba, Desta tells the story of a man returning home after a long estrangement from their family. Using a childhood ball game as a basis for its puzzles, it tells a story of reconciliation and growth.

6. SCHiM


The fascinating SCHiM is a minimalist platformer with a twist. You play as a spirit hopping between the shadows of other objects to find your way back to your home shadow while helping other spirits on the way.

Ewoud Van Der Werf
5. Fox and Frog Travelers


Presented with the help of indie development community asobu, Fox and Frog Travelers is a 3d action game inspired by Japanese mythology.

Rias (Rias Coast)
4. Goodbye World

PC, 2022

Goodbye World is a slice-of-life adventure about two young game developers rendered in SNES-style graphics. Drawing inspiration from Mother 3 and the Ghost World comic, it’s a story about the struggle to create art.

3. Birth

PC, August 2022

Through hand-drawn art and point-and-click puzzles, Birth tells a story about feeling lonely in a new city. You’ll sort through the homes of your ghostly neighbors gathering spare body parts to build a new friend. So relatable!

Madison Karrh
2. How to Say Goodbye

PC, 2022

In How to Say Goodbye, you play as a recently deceased person coming to terms with their own death. You’ll help your fellow ghosts through block-sliding puzzles through what the developers call a positive take on grief.

ARTE France
1. Little Nemo and the Guardians of Slumberland

Day of the Devs ended with Little Nemo and the Guardians of Slumberland, based on the early 1900s comic strip. It bears little resemblance to the great Little Nemo NES game, with striking art and music by Anamanaguchi’s Peter Berkman.


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