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10 best shooters on Xbox Game Pass

The best games for running and gunning on Game Pass.


From the games that invented the genre to inventive new releases, FPS fans have plenty to play on Xbox.

Here are the 10 best shooters on Xbox Game Pass.

10. Crysis series

Crysis is best known for melting GPUs when it was first released, but that means it still looks great today. Beneath its visual polish, there’s a solid shooter with two good (but not quite as memorable) sequels.

9. Battlefield series

There’s no shortage of Battlefield games on Game Pass, with eight entries to choose from. Numbers mean nothing in the series, but you can check out Battlefield 1, 3, 4, 5, 1943, both Bad Company games, and Hardline.

8. Quake series

The Quake series mashes together dark fantasy and sci-fi for its storyline, but the real appeal is its ultra-fast shooter gameplay and multiplayer arena modes that still have dedicated players decades after release.

7. Wolfenstein series

The entire Wolfenstein revival series is available on Game Pass, from the essential The New Order to the skippable multiplayer Youngblood.

6. Halo: The Master Chief Collection

Xbox arguably wouldn’t be what it is today without Halo. So it only makes sense that Game Pass lets you explore the whole series while you wait for Halo Infinite.

5. Doom series

The 2016 Doom reboot and its sequel, Doom Eternal, are all about bringing the old-school shooter experience into the present. If you want to go really old-school Doom 13 and Doom 64 are also available.

4. Star Wars Battlefront 2

Publisher EA’s skeevy monetization scheme seemed to doom Battlefront 2 at launch, but it’s only gotten better with age. Hefty content updates have made the game a treasure trove of Star Wars set pieces.

3. Destiny 2

As an ever-evolving game, Destiny 2 has had plenty of ups and downs. With upcoming expansions set to end the game’s current multi-year story arc, it’s a great time to dive in and start learning about Warminds and Sword Logic.

2. Titanfall 2

Titanfall 2 is in the running for the best campaign ever in a first-person shooter. With gameplay that jumps from mech combat to a traditional on-the-ground FPS, it’s full of surprises even in its short runtime.

1. Prey

More than a straightforward shooter, Prey is an immersive playground that gives you tons of inventive weapons and abilities and lets you loose on an alien-infested space station.

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