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10 best games like Final Fantasy 7 on Xbox Game Pass

Satisfy your RPG cravings with these 10 great Game Pass games.

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RPG mega-hit Final Fantasy 7 leaves Xbox Game Pass on August 16. While there’s nothing quite like FF7, there are still a handful of titles on the service that can fill the Midgar-sized hole in your heart.

Here are 10 games on Xbox Game Pass you need to play if you like Final Fantasy 7

10. Disgaea 4

With combat that plays out on a grid, Disgaea feels more like Final Fantasy Tactics than FF7, but it’ll sure scratch that turn-based itch. And if you liked fighting sentient houses in FF7, just wait till you see the enemies Disgaea 4 throws at you.

9. Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition

Tales of Vesperia’s real-time combat may not feel like FF7, but if you’re looking for an epic-sized adventure full of memorable characters, you’ve found it.

8. Final Fantasy VIII

Following FF7 with FF8 seems like a natural choice. FF8 is kind of the black sheep of the series, with tons of mechanics that don’t appear anywhere else, but it’s a no-brainer for RPG fans.

7. Octopath Traveler

Octopath Traveler harkens back to older games than Final Fantasy 7, but its old-school turn-based combat shares a lot of DNA with the RPG.

6. Ikenfell

Ikenfell's classic turn-based combat mixed with modern mechanics feels like the best of both worlds. Unlike certain other wizard-school adventures, Ikenfell celebrates its diverse, queer cast. Oh, and the music absolutely slaps.

5. Cris Tales

Cris Tales fancies up its combat with a cool time travel mechanic, but it’ll feel familiar to FF7 players. Plus, it’s got a fun cast of characters and a jaw-droppingly gorgeous art style.

4. Final Fantasy X/X-2

No two Final Fantasy games have all that much in common, but this double-pack of divisive entries is the closest to FF7 you’re going to get, only with much better combat (don’t @ me).

3. Yakuza: Like A Dragon

Like A Dragon is basically a love letter to classic RPGs. Its modern-day setting makes the first turn-based Yakuza game feel a little closer to FF7’s sci-fi world than typical wizards-and-warriors fantasy fare.

2. Dragon Quest XI

Dragon Quest XI’s tone is much lighter than FF7’s, but you’ll feel right at home with its old-school turn-based gameplay, even if it’s from Final Fantasy’s biggest long-time competitor.

1. Undertale

Undertale experiments with the turn-based RPG format in some wild ways, which makes it consistently surprising in and out of combat. It’s all about defying genre conventions, so you may want to save this until you’ve played a few games on this list.

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