10 scariest Ghost Pokémon ever, ranked


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Ghost Pokémon are known for their strong defenses and even stronger aesthetics...

Here are the 10 spookiest Ghost Pokémon ever.

10. Sableye

One of the frankly too many Pokémon said to steal people’s souls. Sableye only really excels in its Mega evolution, but its design is incredibly creepy in a haunted doll kind of way.

9. Aegislash

With a powerful Steel/Ghost typing and the ability to switch between offensive and defensive stances in battle, Aegislash is a fearsome opponent. Its design isn’t the most inspired, but it gets the job done.

8. Mismagius

If there were a Pokémon Halloween costume contest, Mismagius’ witch outfit would win every year. Mismagius is said to cause hallucinations in people and send them into waking dreams, which makes just getting KO’d seem like a blessing.

7. Trevenant

Like a ghostly Smokey Bear, Trevenant lives to protect the forest. Unlike Smokey, it does so by eating anyone who disrespects the trees. Its Forest’s Curse move makes opponents Grass type, giving them weakness to fire.

6. Palossand

Of all the things a ghost could possess, a sandcastle sounds pretty harmless. That is, unless it uses its disguise to lure in victims, then sucks out their souls and collects their bones. Which is, of course, exactly what this Pokémon does.

5. Shedinja

Shedinja is one of the friendlier-looking Ghost Pokémon, but also one of the strangest. It’s the ghost of a bug’s exoskeleton, which raises all sorts of ontological questions, and just appears in an empty Poké Ball when Nincada evolves. Spooky!

4. Giratina

This Legendary Pokémon is an absolute terror. The physical embodiment of antimatter, it had to be sealed in an alternate dimension for being too violent to exist. In play, its signature move is the extremely powerful Shadow Force.

3. Froslass

Froslass’ striking design hides a wildly dark backstory. Its Pokédex entries say Froslass is the ghost of a woman who died on a freezing mountain, and that its favorite food is frozen souls.

2. Mimikyu

Mimikyu might have the most nightmarish design of any Ghost Pokémon. Just imagine thinking you’ve seen a Pikachu in the tall grass only for this imposter to appear. Anyone who sees under Mimikyu’s disguise is said to die of terror.

1. Gengar

The original spooky boi. Gengar’s Ghost/Poison typing makes it a strong opponent, and its simple design is hard to beat. Besides, Gengar just looks like it loves causing trouble so much it’s hard not to like it.


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