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7 riveting sci-fi movies coming to HBO Max in February 2021

From Batman to Keanu, it's all here.

HBO Max is losing a handful of sci-fi classics this month, but it's replacing them with some more recent hits.

Here's the best sci-fi coming to HBO Max in February 2021.

7. Batman (Feb. 1)

Tim Burton's take on Batman is decidedly wackier than modern incarnations, but its performances and ultra-Gothic version of Gotham City still hold up.

Batman Returns, Batman and Robin, and Batman Forever are also being added, if you want to follow the series into the upper reaches of camp.

6. Blade Runner: The Final Cut (Feb. 1)

This cut of the genre-defining Blade Runner put director Ridley Scott in full control, ending a decades-long fight that produced five versions of the film.

5. Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior (Feb. 1)

Until the release of Fury Road, Mad Max 2 was unquestionably the series' high point, and it's still worth watching today, even if it seems tame by comparison.

4. The Matrix (Feb. 1)

"What is the Matrix?" A mind-bending sci-fi film that introduced a generation of viewers to simulation theory, and the subject of one of the most successful marketing campaigns ever.

The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions are also coming to HBO Max, but they're much harder to get hyped about.

3. Gen:Lock (Feb. 9)

This high-concept mecha anime series packs an all-star cast including Michael B. Jordan, Maisie Williams, and Dakota Fanning. (It's not a movie, but it's still worth checking out.)

2. Blade Runner 2049 (Feb. 26)

The long-awaited Blade Runner sequel didn't get as warm a welcome as the original — but then again, who does? Still, it's a must-watch for fans of heady sci-fi.

1. Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure (Feb. 27)

Maybe the best time travel movie ever, and certainly the funniest, Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure is peak goofball Keanu Reeves, decades before the sad Keanu meme.

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