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The 5 best Batman: The Animated Series episodes of all time

In just two seasons and a follow-up in The New Batman Adventures, Batman: The Animated Series solidified itself as one of the best explorations of Bruce Wayne in any medium.

While the whole 109-episode run is worth checking out — especially now that it's easy to watch on HBO Max — here are our picks for the five best episodes ever, to give you a taste of what makes the show so great.

5. "Robin’s Reckoning Part I & II"

(Batman: The Animated Series, Season 1, Episode 32-33)

Technically two episodes, "Robin’s Reckoning" solidifies the relationship between the Caped Crusader and his sidekick, establishing that they’re as much a family as a crime-fighting duo.

4. "Over the Edge"

(The New Batman Adventures, Season 1, Episode 12)

An episode full of intense emotions, "Over the Edge" explores Batgirl’s worst fears as Jim Gordon finds out her secret identity and goes on the warpath against Batman before a twist ending that provides both closure and insight on the Gordons’ relationship.

3. "The Man Who Killed Batman"

(Batman: The Animated Series, Season 1, Episode 51)

The Joker is given more screen time than Batman himself in this episode, leading to a story that’s surprisingly funny for one about the death of the iconic hero.

2. "Heart of Ice"

(Batman: The Animated Series, Season 1, Episode 14)

"Heart of Ice" reveals Mr. Freeze to be one of the most tragic figures in the entire Batman mythos, making his hatred for Batman even feel justified. It’s enough to almost wipe out the memory of his disastrous portrayal in Batman & Robin.

1. "Almost Got ‘Im"

(Batman: The Animated Series, Season 1, Episode 46)

Some of the best Batman: The Animated Series episodes shine the spotlight on someone other than Batman, and "Almost Got ‘Im" does it the best. Batman’s supervillains trade stories of their near-victories against the hero in a hilarious and surprisingly touching one-episode anthology.

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