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6 incredible sci-fi shows and movies coming Netflix in June 2022

“Your mission, should you choose to accept it...”

6. The Amazing Spider-Man

June 1

Tom Holland’s turn as Spider-Man, but the first movie of the Andrew Garfield series is still worth revisiting. It’s a more subdued take than the recent multiverse-hopping adventures with plenty of action.


New Line Cinema

5. His Dark Materials: The Golden Compass

June 1

The Golden Compass didn’t perform well enough to greenlight its planned sequels, but it’s a fascinating fantasy tale nonetheless. Its deeply developed world is complex, original, and joyfully bizarre.

4. Mission: Impossible

June 1

Mission: Impossible, Mission: Impossible 2, and Ghost Protocol come to Netflix this month. All three are fun spy adventures, and Ghost Protocol is one of the best of the entire long-running series.

Paramount Pictures
3. First Kill

June 10

Based on a short story by V.E. Schwab, First Kill is a new queer romance series following the wildly complicated love between a vampire and a vampire hunter.

2. Spriggan

June 18

Otherworldly artifacts give their wielders incredible power in Spriggan. Like the manga it’s based on, the show follows agents called Spriggans tasked with controlling them.

1. The Umbrella Academy Season 3

June 22

The first two seasons of The Umbrella Academy have garnered positive reviews and a cult following. Season 3 continues the story with 10 new episodes dropping all at once.


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