Test your weightlifting knowledge with 5 questions

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What’s a main benefit of weight training?

A. It boosts the immune system

B. It prevents bone loss

C. It can boost cognitive performance

D. All of the above

D. All of the above. Weightlifting has been found to provide all these advantages, from boosting the immune system to providing cognitive benefits.


True or false: You can be vegan and a powerlifter.

A. True

B. False

C. It's complicated

A. True. Meat-heavy diets were once sold as the only way to build significant muscle, but with the advent of protein-rich plant-based meat substitutes, it's entirely possible to lift while vegan.


Which mental exercise do some weightlifting pros do before or during competitions?

A. Mental math

B. Meditation

C. Memorizing a song

D. Visualizing a positive outcome

B. Meditation. Many athletes meditate daily. Meditation helps calm and focus the brain, and breathing techniques can help weightlifters succeed.


The World Health Organization recommends adults engage in muscle-strengthening activities how often?

A. At least once per week

B. Every single day

C. At least twice per week

D. At least once per month

C. The WHO recommends that adults engage in weightlifting activities at least twice per week.


What part of the body does lifting weights change first?

A. Muscles

B. Bones

C. Brain

D. Heart

C. Brain. Weeks before your muscles start to grow, weightlifting strengthens neural to those muscles, allowing you to access those muscles more easily as you keep lifting weights.


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