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Samsung and BMW Team Up To Give the Galaxy S23 Ultra an M3 Makeover

It’s nice knowing that Samsung appreciates a nice M3 E30.

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Samsung is no stranger to collaborations with big brands for its smartphones. From Pokémon to Mercedes-Benz, it feels like it’s always looking for the next limited-edition collab.

An absolute classic

The latest collaboration comes in the form of an S23 Ultra that’s designed to look like BMW’s iconic M3 E30.



The limited-edition BMW S23 Ultra isn’t so different from the original smartphone. The collab is only offered in a 12 GB RAM and 512 GB storage configuration that costs around $1,370.


The special S23 Ultra is accompanied by a whole host of accessories inspired by the old-school M3. The phone case shows off the design of the M3’s hood and the familiar BMW kidney grilles.


Samsung also included six BMW emblems from different eras, a roundel, an air compressor, an analog watch, a wireless charger, a photo book, and a poster.


The only difference with the software is that you’ll get a BMW-inspired boot animation and theme for the S23 Ultra.

Korea exclusive

For all your M3 E30 stans out there, this special edition S23 Ultra is only available in Korea. You can preorder it starting February 13, but there will only be 1,000 units made. Lucky buyers will even get driving lesson vouchers for the BMW Driving Center in Incheon, South Korea.


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