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9 new games coming to Xbox Game Pass in October 2022

Game Pass kicks off October with a scary selection of new games.

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Telltale Games

Telltale Games

Heading into October, a lineup of mostly spooky games is heading to Xbox Game Pass. Halloween RPGs, gruesome adventure games, and world premieres are on the schedule.

Asobo Studio

Here are 9 great games coming to Xbox Game Pass in October 2022

9. Chivalry 2

October 4 (Cloud/Console/PC)

The ultimate dying-face-down-in-the-mud simulator comes to Game Pass. Chivalry 2 is a chaotic multiplayer game that recreates medieval castle sieges, which are exactly as chaotic as you’d expect (but more fun!)

Torn Banner Studios
8. Medieval Dynasty

October 6 (Console)

Medieval Dynasty offers a considerably chiller medieval fantasy than Chivalry 2. This open-world RPG lets you manage every aspect of your own settlement, from hunting for food to brokering alliances with the neighbors.

Render Cube
7. The Walking Dead

October 6 (PC)

The Walking Dead is one of the best horror games on Xbox, and now it’s available on PC with Game Pass. The first season forces you to make tough choices that your friends will remember — if they survive to season two...

Telltale Games
6. The Walking Dead: Season Two

October 6 (PC)

And season two gets even more harrowing. Clementine, a child in the first season, takes the lead role here as she fights to survive in the hostile world of The Walking Dead.

Telltale Games
5. Costume Quest

October 11 (Cloud/Console)

Costume Quest 2 is already on Game Pass, and the original joins it this month. This quirky Double Fine RPG features fun turn-based battles, but the real draw is its charming story, set on a particularly spooky Halloween night.

Double Fine
4. Eville

October 11 (Console/PC)

If you tuned in to the recent ID@Xbox, you may have seen Eville in action. This social deduction game combines the exciting prospect of murdering your friends with all sorts of fantasy classes and magic.

3. Dyson Sphere Program

October 13 (PC)

Dyson Sphere Program challenges you to construct massive interstellar factories to grow a star empire. Its scale is mind-boggling, ranging from your individual character to entire solar systems.

Youthcat Studio
2. Scorn

October 14 (Cloud/Console/PC)

Ick. Scorn leans hard into body horror for a compellingly gross, atmospheric first-person adventure. The devs promise lots of tricky puzzles as you unlock the secrets of Scorn’s bizarre world.

Ebb Software
1. A Plague Tale: Requiem

October 18 (Cloud/Console/PC)

Hitting Game Pass on release day, the sequel to A Plague Tale: Innocence continues Amicia and Hugo’s fight for survival against Inquisition soldiers and hordes of plague-bearing rats. This time, it’s set in a gorgeous version of Medieval Southern France.

Asobo Studio

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