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8 new games coming to Xbox Game Pass in November 2021

The best co-op game of the year is coming.

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In November, Game Pass will debut the most anticipated racing game in years and a remaster of an all-time great.

Here are the first 8 games coming to Xbox Game Pass in November 2021.

8. Minecraft

(November 2, Cloud/Console/PC)

Two different versions of Minecraft, Java and Bedrock, are coming to Game Pass. Unless you’re interested in crossplay, you probably want to go with Bedrock, which allows mods.

7. Unpacking

(November 2, Cloud/Console/PC)

Unpacking is exactly what it sounds like: a game about unpacking after a move. That may seem like a literal chore, but it’s a great meditative game and a surprisingly poignant look at growing up.

6. It Takes Two

(November 4, Cloud/Console/PC)

It Takes Two is an incredible co-op platformer, a touching tale about relationships, and — in its director’s words — “a fucked-up game, in a good sense.”

5. Kill It with Fire

(November 4, Cloud/Console/PC)

Kill It with Fire is either a nightmare or the ultimate power fantasy for arachnophobes. You can explore the most extreme ways of ridding your house of spiders, including burning it down and walking away.

4. Football Manager 2022

(November 9, Cloud/Console/PC)

Do you like soccer? How about spreadsheets? If those both pique your interest, you’ll probably love Football Manager 2022, which puts you in the shoes of a team manager calling shots behind the scenes.

3. Forza Horizon 5

(November 9, Cloud/Console/PC)

This month’s biggest debut is Forza Horizon 5. It takes the fantastic open-world racing series and transports it to the ecologically diverse landscape of Mexico for the series’ best-looking game yet.

2. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Definitive Edition

(November 11, Console)

While we all wait patiently for Grand Theft Auto 6, there’s plenty of time to dive back into San Andreas. It hits Game Pass the same day the entire remastered trilogy launches.

1. One Step from Eden

(November 11, Console/PC)

One Step from Eden combines deck-building with real-time combat on a grid for a somewhat brain-melting action/strategy hybrid.

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