You need to play the most beautiful indie for free on Xbox Game Pass ASAP

There are plenty of 2D indie platformers on Game Pass, but one of the best is leaving on February 1.

Here's why you need to play Gris before it leaves Game Pass.

Released in 2018, Gris is the first game from Spanish indie developer Nomada Studio.

With its distinct, watercolor-inspired art, Gris has a beautiful look all its own.
It tells the story of the titular Gris working through her grief by exploring a strange, shifting landscape.

Gris' emotional state is reflected in both her abilities and the world around her.

You'll begin by slowly plodding through stark black and white environments.

As Gris progresses, the world explodes with color and life.

At the same time, Gris learns to transform in order to take on new challenges.
Gris' platforming never gets too challenging, but it's a joy just to move through the game's world.
There are no game overs, but things get tense when Gris is running for her life.

Every scene is made more poignant by Gris' gorgeous piano score.

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This short, meditative game is the perfect experience for a quiet winter evening.

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