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Elden Ring DLC and 6 more Summer Game Fest no-shows

A stacked event still had some notable absences.

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Bandai Namco

The bulk of Summer Game Fest has come and gone, and while it highlighted a lengthy number of games, some were inexplicably absent from the event.


These are 7 games that were inexplicably absent from Summer Game Fest


7. Banjo-Kazooie revival — Rare

This one hasn’t been confirmed, but it was reported that a Banjo-Kazooie revival is in the works. Sadly, we’ll have to wait longer to see if this is true.


6. God of War Ragnarok — Santa Monica Studio

A recent report indicated that God of War Ragnarok would, indeed, launch in 2022, but thus far, Sony hasn’t set a firm release date.


5. Avowed — Obsidian Entertainment

First announced during the Xbox Games Showcase 2020, Avowed is the next RPG from Obsidian Entertainment. Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier reported that Avowed had undergone “multiple” reboots.

Bandai Namco

4. Elden Ring DLC — FromSoftware

This is yet another one that isn’t confirmed, but history has shown that FromSoftware games almost always get DLC. We expected this to show up during Xbox’s showcase, but alas.


3. Goldeneye 007 remaster — Rare

Multiple reports have stated that a Goldeneye 007 remaster is indeed in the works, but it hasn’t appeared during any Summer Game Fest event thus far.


2. Perfect Dark — The Initiative

At The Game Awards 2020, Microsoft unveiled a Perfect Dark reboot from a new studio called The Initiative. We haven’t heard from this game since.


1. Fable reboot — Playground Games

One game many were sure to see was the Fable reboot, which was first announced in summer 2020. It’s since gone dark, but hopefully, we’ll get to hear more about it soon.

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