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Look: Pokémon Halloween 2021 collection is adorably spooky

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Even if it’s not quite Halloween yet, no one can stop you from filling your apartment with spooky aesthetic tchotchkes any time of the year, and the Pokémon Center is here to help you do it.


The official store of the Pokémon Company has unveiled its 2021 Halloween merch, so you can start building the most adorable haunted house ever. Here are some of the highlights:

For anyone planning to stay home and pass out candy, this Mimikyu bowl will let you do it in the cutest way that’s also weirdly unsettling.

All the better if you happen to have a fog machine and some purple lighting gels on hand.

If you really want to let your Pokémon flag fly, you can toss out your lawn gnomes and replace them with this witchy Eevee yard statue...

or Pikachu pulling the least intimidating vampire impression you’ve ever seen.

Haunted Pokémon Village sets will let you decorate inside with seasonal Pokémon, where there’s less chance they’ll be swiped by mischievous neighborhood kids.

The Pumpkin Celebration line features plushes, like this Snorlax who shamefully passed out after his post-Halloween sugar rush wore off.

Other plush options include Pikachu again, seen here not quite getting the whole Halloween thing.

It also includes more portable Pokémon, in the form of plush keychains.
Some of the best are this rude Toxel...
a living nightmare I’m told is called Dreepy...
and Grookey, just trying his best out here.

A collaboration with illustrator Vic Lee brings fold-open pins with some genuinely creepy Pokémon art inside.

On the more subdued side, there’s plenty of apparel, like this sick purple Gengar hoodie.

It gets way more interesting when you see the hood.

You can see the whole spooky collection on the Pokémon Center website. As you might expect, it’s going fast.

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