Casting Kratos, Atreus, and more in the God of War Amazon show

God of War could be Amazon’s next fantasy epic.

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SIE Santa Monica Studio

Video game movies rarely seem to work out, which may explain why so many gaming adaptations are coming to TV instead. According to Deadline, God of War may soon get the Prime Video treatment, prompting the immediate question: Who’s playing Kratos?

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Here’s our fan casting for the upcoming God of War TV series.

Sindri & Brok

Sindri and Brok are essentially a comedy duo, so it makes sense to cast them together. Nick Frost and Simon Pegg have a history of providing comic relief in the midst of zombie attacks and alien invasions, so they could fit God of War’s tone well.

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Either that or just cast Danny Devito as Brok and you’re set. Might as well say Charlie Day as Sindri and make it an It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia crossover.

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Mimir is quite chipper for a disembodied head, and his lack of a body means this is mostly a vocal performance. Scottish comedian Billy Connolly could fit the bill, at the risk of upstaging the grumbly Kratos.

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Honestly, God of War could just raid the cast of Vikings for most of its roles. The show’s Ragnar is nothing like Baldur, but Travis Fimmel certainly looks the part and has the chops to play a very different character.

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Freya’s voice actress Danielle Bisutti has plenty of screen experience, so casting her in the live-action version of the role she already plays could be a no-brainer.

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The Expanse creators are involved in the God of War show, so why not dip into the pool of incredible actors from that show? Cara Gee steals every scene she’s in as Camina Drummer, and her searing intensity could make for an interesting take on Freya.

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Like Freya and Kratos, Atreus’ voice actor has plenty of onscreen experience as well. Sunny Suljic already has the look and the voice for the part, and his appearance in The Killing of a Sacred Deer shows he can handle intense material.

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If it’s not Suljic, finding an age-appropriate Atreus could be one of the God of War series’ biggest challenges. Jacob Tremblay is about the right age, and after Room, it’s clear he could stand up to the show’s intense subject matter.

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It’s honestly hard to imagine Kratos sounding like anyone but Christopher Judge, his voice actor in the game. He’d obviously be great at capturing Kratos’ energy, but he’s said 2018’s God of War was delayed for him to get major surgery, so he may not be up for the part’s physical aspects.

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How did you get in here, Chris Pratt? You don’t make any sense for this. Between Mario and Garfield, you don’t have the time anyway.

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Jason Momoa feels like a natural fit for Kratos. He’s got the physique, the booming voice, and the ability to look good while shirtless and swinging a weapon around.

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