8 wild moments from the new Final Fantasy Origin trailer

“I did it my way.” - Jack Garland

Stranger in Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin is one of the most intriguing games of 2022. It not only takes Final Fantasy into a new action-oriented direction, but the story goes in sold wild directions.

With the game’s final trailer out ahead of its March 15 release date, we’re combing through it for any indication of what exactly this game is all about.

Here are 8 wild moments from the latest Stranger in Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin trailer.

Final Fantasy Origin’s new trailer opens normally enough, with a voiceover from Sarah explaining how Jack’s heroism has inspired her.

8. About 20 seconds in, we get the first mention of “Chaos” — the endlessly memed refrain that was mentioned roughly 1,000 times in a previous trailer.

(tap the speaker for sound)

Specifically, Sarah mentions becoming “beacons of hope among the chaos,” which is presumably different from the big-C “Chaos” we’ve heard so much about. Get ready to be confused by that distinction in the game now.

7. At the end of that line, we see what looks a lot like a wedding, but I really hope it isn’t. Jack is clutching his phone the whole time! At least he paused his music for the occasion.

6. The crystallization effect on enemies looks better than ever in the new trailer, but it’s hard not to laugh at a man punching a chimera in the face so hard it turns into a science center gift shop geode.

5. We’re then introduced to Kraken and Lich, two of the major Fiends in Stranger of Paradise. These recurring series villains look and act uncharacteristically human-like in the trailer.

We get a look at another boss that may be the least baffling thing in the trailer. The Nioh influence from Koei Tecmo is clear here, both in enemy design and absolutely merciless boss battles.

4. This later shot veers into NieR territory with its clean sci-fi aesthetic. The view behind Jack is a golden field we’ve seen in trailers and demos, making it clear there’s something special about it and possibly hinting at even wilder environments to come.

3. The needle drop to end all needle drops. Putting a modern song in a fantasy game is always going to raise a few eyebrows, but using Frank Sinatra’s “My Way” sent the trailer to a level of transcendent weirdness no one was ready for.

(you definitely want to turn sound on here)

2. Jack fist-bumping the king of the Dark Elves would be incredible in any context, but Frank Sinatra singing over it elevates this moment to madcap brilliance.


The trailer ends with Jack, who somehow doesn’t know he’s the bad guy, casually taking a seat on a throne of howling skulls. You know, Warrior of Light stuff. No darkness or chaos here folks. Just a very tight henley.

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