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How to get the elegant Polar Bear mount in Final Fantasy 14

Beat the summer heat with FF14’s coolest new mount.

This time of year, Eorzean locals celebrate with the Moonfire Faire. The two-week festivals gives players a chance to hang out on the beach, fight some bombs, and earn cool rewards.

This year’s Moonfire Faire is quite tame compared to last year’s shark-infested celebration, and you won’t get the chance to earn its fabulous summer fashion rewards.

The crown jewel of 2021 is the Polar Bear: a new mount with a custom emote.

Getting your own polar bear is easy enough. First, head to Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks and find a Lallafell by the name of Mayaru Moyaru near the Aftcastle Aethernet point (X:11.5, Y:13.8 on your map).

Marayu will direct you to Costa del Sol in Eastern La Noscea for the Unseasonable Chills quest. Your target is a short jaunt from the Aetheryte for the area, on this small island.

You’ll recognize it by its festive decorations, and if it’s during your server’s peak time, there should also be a horde of partygoers around.

Now the most important part: Take a victory lap with your polar bear, and don’t forget to use the Crystal Ice emote that shows up in the pet bar.