7 biggest gaming events in February 2021

This year is still filled with uncertainty for the gaming world, with plenty of game delays and major events up in the air.

There’s still a lot to look forward to in February — here are the gaming events we’re excited for next month.

7. Final Fantasy XIV Announcement Showcase (February 5)

Square Enix is holding a special broadcast with live Japanese-to-English interpretation to announce what’s next for FFXIV. There’s no word on what that means yet, but fans are hoping for another expansion.

6. Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury release (February 12)

The overlooked Wii U game comes to Switch with new features like the cat suit and a brand-new co-op expansion.

5. The Legend of Zelda 35th anniversary (February 21)

Nintendo hasn’t announced a Zelda anniversary event, but fans are sure it’s coming, and hoping for more news on Breath of the Wild 2.

4. Persona 5 Strikers release (February 23)

The spin-off finally gets an international release on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and PC.

3. Outriders demo (February 25)

This co-op shooter from the developer of Bulletstorm was delayed to April, but you’ll be able to play the first few hours soon.

2. Bravely Default 2 release (February 26)

There’s a demo available now for the long-awaited RPG, to hold you over until its release this month.

1. Pokémon 25th anniversary (February 27)

Nintendo has not announced official plans yet, though rumors suggest a Pokémon Diamond and Pearl remake is in the works.

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