EA’s biggest games of 2021 in 24 wild stats

Publisher Electronic Arts celebrates its biggest games of 2021 with some impressive statistics.

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Electronic Arts

Electronic Arts published and supported a wide variety of games in 2021.

Electronic Arts

As part of a year-end wrapup, EA revealed some fascinating stats about its most popular games in 2021.

Electronic Arts

Here are 24 wild statistics from 2021 showcasing EA’s games

Electronic Arts


22.3 billion goals scored

9.7 billion matches played

Top team by most matches played — Paris Saint-Germain


325 million knockouts

6.9 million custom-created fighters

493 million fights played

Electronic Arts

Electronic Arts

Madden NFL 22

9.4 billion offensive touchdowns made

Top player by touchdowns — Aaron Rodgers

Top team — Kansas City Chiefs

Electronic Arts

NHL 22

Most popular matchup — Toronto Maple Leafs vs. Montreal Canadiens

Top player — Erik Karlsson

Top team — Tampa Bay Lightning

Electronic Arts

Apex Legends

90.5 billion tacticals used

322 billion + pings placed

1+ billion respawns

Electronic Arts

The Sims 4

529 million hours spent in live

1.2 billion hours played

146 million hours spent in Create a Sim mode

Electronic Arts

Mass Effect Legendary Edition

68 percent chose male Shepard

32 percent chose female Shepard

Most popular squad member — Kaidan

Electronic Arts

Star Wars: Squadrons

923 million ships destroyed

Most picked New Republic ship — X-wing

Most picked Imperial ship — TIE Fighter

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