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12 best Elden Ring PC mods you need to try ASAP

The Lands Between are a very different place with these mods installed.

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skymoon/Nexus Mods

When Elden Ring launched on PC, it was only a matter of time before modders turned it into a whole new game. There are plenty of useful utilities on Nexus Mods, but the really fun stuff has nothing to do with balance.

PSA: Make sure to follow the mod’s directions when installing and always play offline to avoid being flagged as a cheater.

12. Cat Ears

Mods don’t have to be complicated to be good. The Cat Ears mod simply changes the Commoner’s Headband into a pair of cat ears so you can live out your anime dreams in Elden Ring.

Deo/Nexus Mods
11. Night’s Cavalry Horse Replacement

Torrent is a 10/10 horse as far as we’re concerned, but next to the Night’s Cavalry’s mount, they’re a little squishy. This horse replacement mod lets you trade Torrent in for a beefier ride.

Trollaxethrowerr/Nexus Mods
10. Chroma Torrent

If the Night’s Cavalry horse isn’t doing it for you, perhaps you’d like Torrent to look a little more like an LED-stuffed gaming computer. If that’s more your style, Chroma Torrent offers multiple glowing color schemes for your trusty companion.

GxREDx/Nexus Mods
9. Tree Sentinel Thomas

If you’ve modded PC games in the last 10 years, you probably saw this one coming. A 2013 Skyrim mod replaced dragons with the smiling face of Thomas the Tank Engine, and since then, it’s practically required that the biggest games get similar treatment.

skymoon/Nexus Mods
8. Tifa Lockhart

Does it make any sense to play as Tifa Lockhart in Elden Ring? No, but you kind of want to do it anyway, don’t you? This mod even adds Cloud as a Spirit Ash, making Tifa the real star as she was always meant to be.

Rena/Nexus Mods
7. Item and Parameter Randomizer

The most chaotic mod for Elden Ring. By default, this mod changes the placement of every item in the game. It also includes options to randomize basically any part of the game, from dialogue to NPCs to Ashes of War.

LukeYui/Nexus Mods
6. Wolf Knight Set with Weapon and Shield

Artorias is one of the most popular characters in Dark Souls and among the best bosses of the series. This mod won’t give you his cool jump attack or a faithful dog to join your journey, but it will make you look sick as hell.

KRDCD/Nexus Mods
5. Summon the Armies of the Lands Between

What if, instead of summoning a single Spirit Ash ally, you could summon an entire army? This mod lets you summon 30 soldiers from Elden Ring’s canon armies to help you steamroll across the Lands Between.

HuGeau/Nexus Mods
4. Titanfall Scorch Titian and T203 Thermite Launcher

Until FromSoftware gives us the new Armored Core game we’ve been waiting for, this mod is the next best thing. It replaces the Bull-Goat armor and Jar Cannon with Titanfall’s Scorch Titian mech, complete with its devastating Thermite Launcher.

swqsx3/Nexus Mods
3. Magic Overhaul — Sorceries

The ultimate mod for Sorcerers, Magic Overhaul replaces a handful of spells to make them more powerful. The most impressive part is it doesn’t just up the damage; it creates brand-new spells based on the effects of magic already in the game.

Tellah9/Nexus Mods
2. NPCs and Bosses Spirit Summons

Spirit Summons are one of the best original ideas in Elden Ring, and this mod makes them even better. It turns NPCs and Bosses into Spirit Ashes so you can make your enemies feel the pain of fighting Malenia for a change.

Satoshi98/Nexus Mods
1. Link — Zelda Twilight Princess

We’re not in Hyrule anymore. This mod turns Elden Ring into the darkest Zelda game ever by replacing your character with Link or Dark Link from Twilight Princess. The icing on the cake: there’s even an option to play as Link and turn your Mimic Tear into Dark Link.

xdec99/Nexus Mods

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