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6 Among Us terms you need to know

Nothing sus about it.

The murder mystery game Among Us has been the internet's obsession since mid-August. Its player based eclipsed 3 million in September.

Each round begins with players being assigned the role of either a “Crewmate,” who needs to survive long enough to complete a list of tasks, or the “Imposter,” who’s trying to murder the crew.

Among Us fans have developed in-game slang to quickly communicate via the game's built-in chatroom.

Here are six commonly used terms and what they mean.


Short for suspicious and is used to accuse other players of being the killer.


A popular strategy used by Imposters, to trick a Crewmate into believing they're innocent. This is most easily done by appearing harmless to a certain player so they vouch for you later in the game. Even U.S. congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has fallen victim to this ploy.


Also referred to as being "the third Imposter," is when a player mistakenly loses a game that they were very close to winning. Marinating someone can cause them to "throw" a game.


An abbreviation for "away from keyboard," to let others know you'll be idle because you have to step away from your phone or computer. Clever Imposters also use the acronym to trick their opponent into believing they aren't playing to net easy kills.


Imposters can use air ducts found around the three Among Us maps to quickly cover ground. These fast-travel locations are only usable by killers, so being accused of "venting" always means you're in the hot seat.


Any player in the game can call an Emergency Meeting by pressing the big red button in all of the games. Any mention to "the button" is referring to that conference.

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