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5 cult documentaries on Netflix you need to watch ASAP

Some of the most shocking shows and movies on Netflix aren't fiction.

Cults are a disturbing aspect of our culture that's never been more relevant. So it's no surprise that we're endlessly fascinated by them.

It's no surprise that countless documentaries about them have been produced for those curious about them.

Here are five of the best documentaries about cults you can watch on Netflix right now.

5. One of Us

One of Us explores the disturbing ways that cult-like communities can form even inside mainstream religions.

In One of Us, three Hasidic Jews attempt to leave their Orthodox community to escape abuse and find that getting out isn’t easy.

4. Children of God

Based on interviews with former members of the Family, Children of God exposes life in the notorious sex cult.

While fascinating, Children of God can be one of the tougher cult documentaries to watch, as it highlights violence and sexual abuse against children.

3. Wild, Wild Country

One of the most popular cult documentaries in recent years, this series absolutely lives up to the hype.

Wild, Wild Country tells the story of the Rajneesh movement, an Oregon cult that unleashed the first bioterror attack in U.S. history to sway a local election.

2. Bikram: Yogi, Guru, Predator

Bikram Choudhury became a health guru starting in the 1970s, while secretly fostering a cult-like following in his yoga business.

This 2019 documentary examines his rise to fame and long-hidden allegations of rape and harassment.

1. The Family

Not to be confused with the Family cult in Children of God, this documentary examines a conservative Christian organization also known as the Fellowship.

With ties to governments around the world, the Family preaches its conservative ideology while exerting a disturbing amount of power over U.S politics.

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