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6 incredible sci-fi shows and movies leaving Netflix in February 2022

“A man is defined by his actions, not his memory.”

6. I Am Legend

Not the best choice if you just want a fun action flick, I Am Legend is a bleak sci-fi horror vampire tale. Will Smith puts in an incredible performance, even though his only scene partner for most of the movie is a dog.

5. Labyrinth

Classic ‘80s fantasy adventure Labyrinth stars David Bowie as the baby-stealing Goblin King and Jennifer Connelly as teenager Sarah, who enters his realm to get back said baby. Its fantastic creature designs are as memorable as they are nightmare-inducing.

4. Mars Attacks!

Mars Attacks! comes and goes from streaming platforms every few months, but it’s always good to have an excuse to watch it again. Tim Burton’s underrated comedy is dark, violent, and hilarious all at once.

3. Terminator 2: Judgment Day

Simply put, Terminator 2 is one of the best sci-fi movies of all time. It’s a sequel that twists the original’s premise in satisfying ways and an action showcase for Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton.

2. Total Recall

Another of Arnie’s greatest hits is leaving Netflix too. The Philip K. Dick adaptation Total Recall features some of the best practical effects in sci-fi history, not to mention some of Schwarzenegger’s best guttural screams.

1. Daredevil & more

All of Netflix’s Marvel TV shows are leaving at the end of the month. Our pick for the best of the bunch is actually the first show released, Daredevil, but the first seasons of Jessica Jones and Luke Cage are worth binging as well.

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