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6 thrilling sci-fi shows and movies coming to Netflix in December 2021

“Running's not a plan. Running's what you do when a plan fails!”

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6. Lost in Space Season 3

December 1

The final season of Lost in Space debuts this month on Netflix. It’s a much darker take on the ‘60s sci-fi series it’s based on, and Season 3 kicks off with more danger than ever for Will Robinson.

5. Looper

December 1

Putting Joseph Gordon Levitt in Bruce Willis prosthetics was a questionable decision, but the rest of Looper is a thrill. Its twisty time-travel plot pits two versions of the same character against each other, and it only gets stranger from there.

4. Tremors

December 1

Tremors is in contention for the goofiest sci-fi movie that’s actually good and not just good-bad. This creature feature is a fun mix of horror and humor that’s always worth another watch.

3. The Witcher Season 2

December 17

The Witcher continues witching this month, with the second season of this acclaimed fantasy adaptation. Only time will tell whether it produces anything as meme-worthy as “toss a coin to your witcher.”

2. The Silent Sea

December 24

In the eight-episode thriller The Silent Sea, a crew of astronauts races to retrieve a mysterious sample from an abandoned moon base.

1. Don’t Look Up

December 24

The ridiculously star-studded Don’t Look Up follows two scientists (Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence) as they try to warn an apathetic public of an incoming deadly comet. Surely that’s not a metaphor for anything.

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