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7 spectacular sci-fi movies leaving Hulu in March 2021

“That ain't a dog...”

The sci-fi movies leaving Hulu this month are a mix of some of the best films in the genre and some you may not know yet.

Here are the 7 best sci-fi movies leaving Hulu in March 2021.

7. The Arrival (1996)

No, not Arrival. This far sillier Charlie Sheen conspiracy thriller is more of a guilty pleasure, though it balances its cornball action with a high-minded message about climate change.

6. Stargate (1994)

Before ancient aliens became a meme, Stargate proposed that interstellar visitors to Ancient Egypt may have had more sinister intentions than teaching people how to build pyramids.

5. Johnny Mnemonic (1995)

In this pre-Matrix cyberpunk thriller, Keanu Reeves plays a courier who transports information in his brain and has to flee assassins with the help of a hyper-intelligent dolphin. Yes, really.

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4. Starman (1984)

Sci-fi and romance don’t often mix, but this overlooked John Carpenter drama shows that it can work — at least if you have Karen Allen and Jeff Bridges to carry the story.

3. Mars Attacks! (1996)

Tim Burton’s alien invasion comedy doesn’t get enough credit, despite its memorable alien designs, sharp humor, and a cast stacked with ‘90s stars and cult legends.

2. Attack the Block (2011)

Blink and you’ll miss it — this modern cult classic alien invasion movie starring John Boyega recently returned to Hulu for an extremely limited month-long engagement.

1. Blade Runner: The Final Cut (2007)

Director Ridley Scott’s definitive cut of the all-time classic neo-noir Blade Runner restores the infamous unicorn dream and other scenes cut from previous versions.

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