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8 incredible sci-fi shows and movies coming to Amazon Prime in March 2022

“If we don’t stop it, there won’t be any home to go back to.”

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20th Century Fox
A.I. Artificial Intelligence

March 1 (IMDb TV)

Steven Spielberg is known for making lighthearted, feel-good sci-fi movies. This is not one of them. A.I. is a slow, dark, moving fable of an android child struggling to find a place among humans.

Warner Bros.

March 1

Chronicle jumping on the found-footage trend may turn some viewers off. But for everyone else, it’s an inventive take on superhero origin stories. It follows a group of teens grappling with the temptation of their newfound superpowers.

20th Century Fox
Deep Blue Sea

March 1

Even if you’ve never seen Deep Blue Sea, you’re probably familiar with that one scene with Samuel L. Jackson. Built on some incredibly shaky science, the movie features a group of researchers fighting off superintelligent sharks and is just as fun and goofy as it sounds.

Warner Bros.
Earth to Echo

March 1 (IMDb TV)

Earth to Echo won’t blow your mind if you’re a sci-fi aficionado, but it’s a good intro to the genre for kids. Essentially, it’s another take on E.T. centered on a group of kids coming to the rescue of a lost alien.

Relativity Media

March 1

A group of scientists follows a message left by ancient aliens in Prometheus. It’s technically a prequel to Alien, but it’s best when it acts as a standalone movie with its own mysteries to solve.

20th Century Fox
The Boys Presents: Diabolical

March 4

Somewhat like Marvel’s What If...?, Diabolical tells side stories set in the universe of The Boys with iffy ties to canon. The animated series veers hard into the gory and horrific elements of the live-action show, with plenty of humor.

Amazon Studios
Upload Season 2

March 11

Amazon’s Upload is a sci-fi comedy set in a virtual afterlife paying customers can upload themselves to after their bodies die. The premise leaves plenty of room for drama without getting so heavy it forgets to make you laugh.

Amazon Studios
The Invisible Man (2020)

March 19 (IMDb TV)

There have been plenty of takes on H.G Wells’ Invisible Man, but none as real as the 2020 film adaptation. Elisabeth Moss stars as a woman being tormented by her ex after his supposed suicide, with no one willing to believe her.

Universal Pictures

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