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6 strange She-Hulk characters from Marvel comics history

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Marvel Studios

Marvel Studios

She-Hulk is a strange left turn for Marvel, focusing more on comedy than over-the-top action scenes. Fortunately, Marvel already has a long history of incredibly bizarre characters from which to wring out laughs.


Here are 6 obscure Marvel characters to look forward to in She-Hulk

6. Frog-Man

As you might guess, Frog-Man isn’t taken especially seriously in Marvel comics. The son of retired supervillain Leap-Frog, he uses a partially robotic jumping suit that he’s not so great at piloting. This means he defeats a lot of his enemies entirely by accident.

Marvel Studios
5. El Aguila

A mutant in Marvel comics, El Aguila is a swashbuckling swordfighter modeled after Zorro. He has the power to stun opponents with bioelectric blasts, which he can also channel through his sword. El Aguila has been both enemy of and ally to Luke Cage and Iron Fist.

Marvel Studios
4. Man-Bull

Seen kicking El Aguila’s ass in a She-Hulk trailer, Man-Bull was a non-powered (but terrible) human who transformed into a monster after being injected with mutagenic serum. This made him incredibly strong and equally volatile, hence his throwing El Aguila onto the hood of a car in She-Hulk.

Marvel Studios

3. Wrecking Crew

This four-pack of D-list villains (Bulldozer, Wrecker, Piledriver, and Thunderball) uses weapons powered by Asgardian magic.

We get a closer look at Piledriver and his cool punching glove in a trailer, as well.

Marvel Studios

Marvel Studios

2. Porcupine

Porcupine invented his incredible quill suit for the military, but decided supervillainy would be more profitable. Aside from looking extremely fashionable, his suit is covered in razor-sharp quills that also conceal a Swiss army knife’s worth of rockets, lasers, and other assorted weapons.

1. The Magician

Silver Age villain the Magician was an ordinary stage magician who used his pickpocketing skills, hypnosis, and mechanical gadgets to rob rich people at his shows, which frankly seems fine.

Marvel Studios

Marvel Studios

Appearing in a puff of smoke in the trailer is his son, a Gob Bluth-level illusionist who takes over the gig when his dad retires from the crime game.

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