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6 fantastic sci-fi movies leaving HBO Max in May 2022

“This is my boomstick!”

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6. Doom

May 27

Doom was an early role for Dwayne Johnson, back when he was better known as WWE star The Rock. It’s not great even by video game movie standards, but its oddly satisfying first-person sequence makes it worth a watch for fans of hokey action.

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5. Army of Darkness

May 31

The Evil Dead series is an absolute oddity: low budget but with deft direction, genre-breaking in new ways with each entry. Army of Darkness leans hard into comedy with its unexpected time-travel story.

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4. Pulse

May 31

In the 2001 horror movie Pulse, technology becomes a conduit for one of the scariest ghost stories ever. Bleak and lonely, it’s a mix of psychological and supernatural horror that feels all too relevant today.

3. Rubber

May 31

Horror comedy Rubber follows a sentient tire with the telekinetic power to make people’s heads explode. Really. That should be all you need to know to decide whether it’s for you.

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2. The Lawnmower Man

May 31

If Pulse is the best techno-horror movie ever, The Lawnmower Man may be the worst. A Stephen King adaptation in name only, it’s most notable for its unbelievable silliness and CGI so baffling you can’t look away.

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1. Troll Hunter

May 31

Found-footage horror movie Troll Hunter isn’t terribly scary, but its faux-documentary style works surprisingly well to highlight its hulking CGI monsters.

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