Nature Is Healing

10 images show how nature is healing in 2020

Nature came out to play during the pandemic.


As people retreated indoors during a pandemic, nature came out to play.

Here are our 10 favorite images showing how nature changed — and healed — in 2020.

Sarayut Thaneerat
10. Bobcat Sighting

According to Gothamist, ecologists spotted a bobcat wandering along the Bronx River in New York, indicating that the waterway has recovered in recent years.

Dr. Bobby Habig
9. Mountain lions return

Facebook user David Gross posted a video of a mountain lion in a residential neighborhood in Boulder, CO, corroborating other reports of the cougar's recent return to the city.

David Gross
8. Turkeys trotting

Only in Boston (@OnlyInBos) tweeted a video of a turkey jaywalking at a Boston intersection, with confused pedestrians looking on.

@OnlyInBos / @mohsen_q98
7. Deer hit the streets

With fewer tourists to feed them, aggressive deer ventured out of parks and into the streets of Nara, Japan in search of food, according to reporter Kurumi Mori, citing a news clip from Fuji TV.

Fuji TV
6. Lonely dolphins

With fewer visitors around, dolphins north of Brisbane have been bringing marine 'gifts' — such as barnacle-covered rocks — to the spot where tourists would normally visit them. Inverse explains the science behind this behavior.

7NEWS Adelaide
5. Pollution plummets

In April, the European Space Agency released images showing a 45-50% drop in nitrogen dioxide levels over Europe between 2019 and 2020. We explain the science behind it here.

European Space Agency
4. Goats storm

Video journalist Andrew Stuart captured the hilarity of goats overtaking the town of Llandudno in Wales, munching on so many hedges that they had to be stopped by police.

Andrew Stuart
3. Penguins play

With no humans to interfere in their play, penguins Edward and Annie explored the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago, getting acquainted with their fellow marine animals.

Shedd Aquarium
2. Coyotes change

In the midst of lockdown, coyotes move freely about San Francisco, even posing for a cheesy photo in front of the Golden Gate Bridge.

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1. Carbon emissions decline

In 2020, carbon dioxide emissions declined a record 7 percent compared to the previous year, according to the Global Carbon Project.

Global Carbon Project
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