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9 extremely rare Legend of Zelda collectibles

The Legend of Zelda has spawned mountains of merch, some of which is as rare as the Master Sword itself.

Here are 9 rare pieces of Zelda merch that collectors covet.

9. Twilight Princess Club Nintendo statue

This statue was only available to European Club Nintendo members in 2006 and had a very limited production run.

Link to the past

8. Breath of the Wild Master Edition

Nintendo wasn't kidding when it said this Breath of the Wild edition would be extremely limited at launch, with secondhand copies now going for $500–2,000 online.

8. Zelda Box

This Japan-only Wind Waker box set came with figurines, a soundtrack, and a booklet.

Scans of the booklet, which features concept art and design notes, have found their way online thanks to Zelda fans.

History of Hyrule

6. The Minish Cap Game Boy Advance SP

Only 300 of these special edition handhelds were made available in the U.K. for Club Nintendo members.

5. The Legend of Zelda board game

This 1988 board game replicated the original NES Zelda game in the form of many, many cardboard chips.

4. Twilight Princess Wolf Link and Midna statue

Only 500 of these highly sought-after statues were ever made.

3. The Legend of Zelda 25th anniversary Gamescom treasure chest

Given away as second prize at a 2011 Gamescom Zelda quiz, this chest came with the Ocarina of Time soundtrack.

Manveri's Collection
2. Jackson Zoraxe

Based on the Zora Guitar from Ocarina of Time, only seven of these custom guitars were ever made.

The Music Zoo

1. The Legend of Zelda prototype cartridge

The rarest of the rare. This working prototype game cartridge sold for $55,000 on eBay in 2012.

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