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8 new games coming to Xbox Game Pass in September 2022

It’s a hell of a month.

The Outsiders

The Outsiders

September is a lighter month for Xbox Game Pass, but there’s enough to keep you occupied until a scary good shooter drops in the middle of the month.


These 8 excellent games head to Xbox Game Pass in September 2022

8. Disney Dreamlight Valley

September 6 (Cloud/Console/PC)

Even if you’re rightly concerned about Disney’s hegemonic media empire, getting to hang out with classic characters in a magical Animal Crossing-esque town seems pretty appealing. The Game Pass edition includes bonus DLC like exclusive clothing.

7. Opus Magnum

September 6 (PC)

Game Pass has been adding Zachtronics games regularly for the past few months, and now it’s Opus Magnum’s turn. This mind-bending puzzle game challenges you to build the world’s greatest alchemical machine.

5. Ashes of the Singularity: Escalation

September 13 (PC)

Ashes of the Singularity is real-time strategy on a massive scale, with gigantic battles across space in solo campaigns and online multiplayer.

Oxide Games
4. DC League of Super-Pets: The Adventures of Krypto and Ace

September 13 (Cloud/Console/PC)

Game Pass continues its streak of adding kid-friendly games with DC League of Super-Pets. This rail shooter puts you in the paws of Krypto and Ace, Superman and Batman’s caped canine pals.

Outright Games
3. You Suck at Parking

September 14 (Cloud/Console/PC)

You Suck at Parking is a chaotic racing game that only ends when you can park successfully. Its courses are full of traps and surprises for a perfect high-speed party game.

Happy Volcano
2. Despot’s Game

September 15 (Console/PC)

Despot’s Game mashes up rogue-likes, tactics games, and auto battlers, letting you build massive armies to battle your way through dungeons. There’s a huge amount of variety in your units and a compelling gameplay loop.

Konfa Games
1. Metal: Hellsinger

September 15 (Console/PC)

This month’s headline act is Metal: Hellsinger, a Doom-inspired shooter that rewards you for shooting to the beat of its killer metal soundtrack. Its demo got the stamp of approval from Inverse’s resident metalhead and the full game looks even more promising.

The Outsiders
6. Train Sim World 3

September 6 (Console/PC)

In Train Sim World 3, you take charge of massive locomotives to haul freight or carry passengers. The latest game in the series boasts dynamic weather and improved graphics to enjoy as you fly past at 150-plus miles per hour.

Dovetail Games