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Xbox Game Pass confirms 9 new titles for November 2022

Dig into some great adventure games this month.

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Telltale Games

Xbox Game Pass is focusing on great adventure games for November 2022. From alien invasions to medieval conspiracies, there are lots of captivating stories to dig into this month.

Old Moon

These 9 games are heading to Xbox Game Pass in November 2022

9. The Legend of Tianding

November 1 (Cloud/Console/PC)

Based on the story of a Robin Hood-esque Taiwanese folk hero, The Legend of Tianding is already rated Overwhelmingly Positive on Steam. The unique sidescroller makes its Xbox debut this month.

Neon Doctrine
8. The Walking Dead: A New Frontier

November 1 (PC)

The third game in Telltale’s Walking Dead series continues the episodic adventure on Game Pass. A New Frontier picks up with a new cast of characters joining the previous star, Clementine.

Telltale Games
7. The Walking Dead: Michonne

November 1 (PC)

The Walking Dead: Michonne takes a break from the game series’ story to focus on Michonne, a standout character from the comics and TV show.

Telltale Games
6. Ghost Song

November 3 (Cloud/Console/PC)

Ghost Song is a spooky 2D Metroidvania set on a terrifying alien world. Along with its great comic book art style, its varied combat looks worth exploring.

Old Moon
5. Football Manager 2023

November 8 (Cloud/Console/PC)

Two versions of management sim Football Manager 2023 join Game Pass today — one optimized for consoles and one for PC. This one’s for players who find more joy in managing a sports team than playing on one.

Sports Interactive
4. Return to Monkey Island

November 8 (Cloud/Console/PC)

Return to Monkey Island revives the classic Monkey Island adventure series and does a damn fine job of it. It’s an easy pick for point-and-click fans, whether you played the originals or not.

Terrible Toybox
3. Vampire Survivors

November 10 (Console/PC)

Horde shooter Vampire Survivors has been a surprise hit this year. Made by a solo developer, its simple action gameplay is the perfect way to spend way more time than you intended battling monsters.

2. Pentiment

November 15 (Cloud/Console/PC)

Pentiment, by Obsidian Entertainment, is a narrative mystery inspired by medieval manuscripts. It builds its clever detective gameplay on top of a deep RPG system and embellishes it all with incredible art.

Obsidian Entertainment
1. Somerville

November 15 (Console/PC)

Somerville is the first game from Jumpship, a studio co-founded by Limbo and Inside’s executive producer. Like those games, it’s a gorgeous platforming adventure, this time focusing on a family fleeing an alien invasion.


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