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5 more incredible games coming to Xbox Game Pass in June 2022

Strategy, sports, and swords round out the Game Pass library additions for June.

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Creative Assembly

After getting a heap of action games earlier this month, Xbox Game Pass is ending June with strategy, sports, and multiplayer combat.


Here are 5 more great games coming to Xbox Game Pass in June 2022.

5. Shadowrun Trilogy

June 21

The old-school (and wildly complex) tabletop RPG Shadowrun has inspired a few video games over the years. The three tactical RPGs in the Shadowrun Trilogy are the best of them, simplifying the rules but keeping Shadowrun’s fantasy-meets-cyberpunk spirit intact.

4. Total War: Three Kingdoms

June 21

The first Total War game set in China, Three Kingdoms is a return to the series’ historical strategy roots after the wild fantasy of Total War: Warhammer.

Creative Assemble
3. FIFA 22

June 23

The second FIFA game to launch on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S, FIFA 22 set the example for a new generation of sports games. Graphically and mechanically, it’s the most realistic soccer sim yet from the series.



2. Naraka: Bladepoint

June 23

Naraka: Bladepoint makes its console debut with Game Pass. The unique melee battle royale is built around tense, spectacular sword fights and has an upcoming mobile version.

1. Far Cry 5

July 1

Far Cry 5 was controversial for featuring clear alt-right analogs but refusing to tie them to their real-world counterparts. Beyond that, it’s a flawed but fun shooter with a truly wild ending.


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