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9 must-play games coming to Xbox Game Pass in January and February

A surprise release kicks off a great few weeks for Xbox Game Pass.

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Tango Gameworks

Xbox Game Pass added a small but excellent batch of games to start January 2023. The end of the month brings a bigger selection with even more incredible games among them.

These 9 great games are coming to Xbox Game Pass in the next few weeks

9. Hi-Fi Rush

January 25 (Cloud/Console/PC)

Released out of the blue during an Xbox showcase, Hi-Fi Rush is a musical action game from Tango Gameworks. Its catchy soundtrack is matched by incredibly satisfying rhythmic combat.

Tango Gameworks
8. GoldenEye 007

January 27 (Cloud/Console)

You remember GoldenEye. This classic shooter is now on Switch Online as well as Game Pass, though the Xbox version oddly lacks online multiplayer.

7. Roboquest

January 30 (Console)

Roguelite FPS Roboquest joins the Game Preview program for consoles. With multiple distinct classes and two-player co-op, it could scratch your FPS itch for a long time to come.

RyseUp Studios
6. Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition

January 31 (Cloud/Console)

One of the best strategy games of all time, Age of Empires II lets you retell the story of a real-life civilization through battle and nation-building.

Forgotten Empires
5. Inkulinati

January 31 (Cloud/Console/PC)

Illuminated manuscripts are apparently in with gamers these days. Inkulinati is a unique strategy game that brings medieval illustrations to life, and even lets you channel the hand of the artist to wipe opponents of the page.

Yaza Games
4. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure All-Star Battle R

January 31 (Cloud/Console/PC)

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure All-Star Battle R is just as stylish as you’d expect for a fighting game based on the wild anime series. An obvious hit for fans, it’s fun and gorgeous enough to recommend even if you’ve never heard of JoJo.

Bandai Namco
3. Darkest Dungeon

February 2 (Cloud/Console/PC)

The grim and gritty Darkest Dungeon pulls no punches when it comes to difficulty or its dark tone. If you’re looking for a turn-based RPG where every choice could spell your doom, it’s worth heading into Darkest Dungeon’s treacherous abyss.

Red Hook Studios
2. Grid Legends

February 2 (Cloud)

One of two great arcade racers hitting Game Pass in February, Grid Legends features over-the-top motorsport action with real cars in picturesque locations around the globe.

1. Hot Wheels Unleashed

February 7 (Cloud/Console/PC)

If you like your racing games even more over-the-top, Hot Wheels Unleashed might be what you’re looking for. Racing toy cars around plastic tracks is somehow just as thrilling as the real thing — and you can even build the custom track of your dreams.


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