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8 more new games coming to Xbox Game Pass in August 2022

Wrap your mind around some great puzzle games and visual novels.

Jacob Dzwinel


Xbox Game Pass is rounding out August with an excellent selection of sleeper hits. No AAA debuts here, but fans of visual novels and idiosyncratic puzzles are in for a great few weeks.

Jacob Dzwinel

These 8 games are heading to Xbox Game Pass in August 2022

8. Coffee Talk

August 16 (Cloud/Console/PC)

Developer Toge Productions describes its visual novel Coffee Talk as a “talking simulator.” You play as a barista serving up coffee and affirmation for your regulars, all set to a soothing lo-fi soundtrack.

Toge Productions
7. Midnight Fight Express

August 23 (Cloud/Console/PC)

Midnight Fight Express is a brand-new brawler hitting Game Pass on launch day. Written by a Destiny 2 co-writer, it’s an isometric action game with tons of spectacular set pieces.

Jacob Dzwinel
6. Exapunks

August 25 (PC)

Exapunks is the third Zachtronics game to join Game Pass in recent weeks, following Shenzhen I/O and the studio’s swan song, Last Call BBS. It’s a brain-twisting programming puzzle game about hacking to pay for your life-saving medicine. Fun!

5. Opus: Echo of Starsong — Full Bloom Edition

August 25 (Console/PC)

Opus: Echo of Starsong is probably the best game you missed in 2021. It’s a gorgeous sci-fi visual novel that’s equally relatable and epic.

4. Commandos 3 — HD Remaster

August 25 (Console/PC)

Commandos 3 — HD Remaster updates the nearly 20-year-old real-time strategy game Commandos 3 with improved controls and new gameplay options on top of its 4K makeover.

Eidos Interactive
3. Immortality

August 30 (Cloud/Console/PC)

The latest from Sam Barlow’s Half Mermaid Productions continues the studio’s trend of engrossing investigative games. Like Her Story and Telling Lies, Immortality lets you assemble the truth from a trove of video footage.

Half Mermaid
2. Immortals Fenyx Rising

August 30 (Cloud/Console/PC)

Confusing name aside, Immortals Fenyx Rising is something like a cutesy crossover of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and Breath of the Wild. Its Greek myth-inspired world is lots of fun to explore and combat is satisfying without being too hard.

1. Tinykin

August 30 (Console/PC)

In Tinykin, you’ll need to gather legions of itty bitty followers to help you get home. Like a new take on Pikmin, it challenges you to find inventive ways to work with your mini minions.


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