Black Friday 2021

7 spectacular Xbox Black Friday deals

See all the Xbox Black Friday deals that are worth your time.

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You’re not going to find an Xbox Series X on sale this holiday season, but it might be easier to find one at full price. It’ll be even easier to find the accessories and games you’ll need.

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Here are 7 Black Friday 2021 deals for Xbox games and accessories that you need to consider.

7. Xbox Series X|S

$300, Microsoft

Not a deal per se, but be on the lookout for Xbox console restocks around Black Friday. If you want a little extra, a new Xbox Series S bundle includes in-game currency and items for Fortnite and Rocket League.

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6. Official Xbox controllers

$50, Walmart

It’s not a huge discount, but a decent range of first-party Xbox controllers is available for up to $15 off, depending on which color you choose.

5. Elite Series 2 controller

$140, Microsoft

If you’re willing to shell out quite a bit more for an Xbox controller, the Elite Series 2 controller gets a decent discount this year. With lots of customization options, it’s probably the best controller on the market.

4. Razer Barracuda X wireless headset

$70, GameStop

A few Xbox headsets are on sale this year, and the Barracuda is one of the best, with one of the biggest discounts. It’s nearly $20 cheaper than the sale price for the first-party wireless headset.

3. Riders Republic

$25, Amazon

Ubisoft’s multiplayer extreme sports game Riders Republic is fast, chaotic, and a whole lot of fun. It also happens to have one of the biggest discounts we’ve found for Xbox games this Black Friday at more than 50 percent off!

2. Resident Evil Village

$20, Best Buy

Resident Evil Village is one of the long-running series’ best games. If you have even a passing interest in survival horror, this Game Awards GOTY-nominated installment is a steal at $20.

1. Game Pass 3-month subscription

$25, Target

You may be tired of hearing that Game Pass is the best deal in gaming, but to be fair ... Game Pass is the best deal in gaming. Right now, you can get three months of Game Pass Ultimate for $20 off.


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