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10 biggest video game releases of August 2021

All the best games to watch for this month.

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The 2021 game release calendar starts heating up in August, with several long-delayed games, a surprise update to one of 2020’s biggest hits, and more launching this month.

Here are the 10 most exciting new video games of August 2021.

Road 96

(August 16, PC/Switch)

The intriguing indie narrative game Road 96 follows a teen running away from home and escaping her totalitarian home country. Players’ choices will determine how the fateful road trip unfolds.


(August 17, PC/Stadia)

Developer Amplitude Studios brings its strategy experience from the Endless series to its largest scale yet. Humankind plays out over the entire course of human civilization, with the option to switch to a different real-world society in each era.

Twelve Minutes

(August 19, PC/Xbox)

Featuring voice acting by Daisy Ridley and James McAvoy, Twelve Minutes tasks players with escaping a time loop with a tragic end.

Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut

(August 20, PlayStation)

The updated edition of 2020’s hit samurai slasher Ghost of Tsushima adds support for the PS5’s fancy DualSense controller features, the Iki Island expansion, and (most importantly) pettable cats and monkeys.

Madden 22

(August 20, PC/PlayStation/Xbox/Stadia)

The next iteration of the long-running Madden series hits shelves shortly before the NFL season starts. Don’t expect any big surprises here, unless you’ve never heard of football.

Aliens: Fireteam Elite

(August 24, PlayStation/Xbox/PC)

Co-op shooter Aliens: Fireteam Elite lands this month to give you plenty of extraterrestrial horrors to shoot at with your friends. It could be a hit with Alien fans, even if what we’ve seen so far hasn’t left us impressed.

Psychonauts 2

(August 25, PC/PlayStation/Xbox)

The long-awaited Psychonauts sequel is set to send players into surreal mental landscapes 16 years after the original. Game Pass subscribers will have access one day one, thanks to Microsoft’s acquisition of developer Double Fine.

No More Heroes 3

(August 27, Switch)

The latest game in the inscrutable No More Heroes series is a Nintendo exclusive following Switch ports of the series’ first two games. Fans can expect more of the hack and slash action and bizarre minigames the series is known for.

New World

(August 31, PC)

Amazon’s colonialist fantasy New World enters the crowded MMORPG market after a 2020 delay. Only time will tell if it lasts longer than Amazon’s last attempt.

The Big Con

(August 31, PC/Xbox)

Delightful-looking indie adventure The Big Con got a major showcase at E3 2021. You can catch the ‘90s cartoon-styled misdemeanor simulator at the end of August.

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