Dead Spaces

4 Summer Game Fest 2022 trailers that are simply Dead Space yet again!

Please help, I cannot tell the difference between these games.


Summer Game Fest

Summer Game Fest (or Keigh-3 to the cool kids) just wrapped up. There were a lot of spooky games set in space at the event.


They are completely distinct and not easy to confuse at all...

4. The Callisto Protocol

... wait, that’s actually Aliens: Dark Descent.

Focus Entertainment


THIS is The Callisto Protocol! From Striking Distance Studios, the game will be a spiritual successor to Dead Space with tight hallways and spooky going ons.

3. Routine

You have got to be kidding me, that is Aliens again.

Focus Entertainment

Raw Fury

I swear I’ve got the hang of this now. OK, here is Routine. Lunar Software re-revealed this game after a decade. It gives off Alien: Isolation vibes and will have tight hallways and spooky going-ons.

2. Fort Solis

This is Fort Solis, right?

NO?!? It’s Aliens?

How many of these are there?

Fallen Leaf

Here is Fort Solis, from indie developer Fallen Leaf. The game stars one-time NFT lover and voice actor Troy Baker as a grizzled white guy who... explores creepy hallways and... whatever, you get the point.

1. Aliens: Dark Descent

Ok, I can’t have messed this one up.

Focus Entertainment

Focus Entertainment

Finally! Yes, this is indeed Aliens: Dark Descent. It is a top-down game following some Space Marines fighting Xenomorphs in a cramped hallway-ridden base ... in space.

Are we REALLY sure these are different games? I’m not convinced.

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