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10 free game demos you need to play during Steam Next Fest

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Steam Next Fest is your chance to try out hundreds of new games in bite-sized demos from now to February 28. It’s a great way to get out of your comfort zone and add more upcoming games to your wishlist.

Here are 10 game demos you need to play during Steam Next Fest.

10. Gibbon: Beyond the Trees

Gibbon: Beyond the Trees is a 2D platformer with movement based on the way actual gibbons swing from branch to branch. The acrobatic adventure also tackles how deforestation and climate change affect gibbons in the real world.

9. Moonshine Inc.

Fans of management sims are used to building cities, running zoos, and serving customers, but what about making moonshine? The upcoming Moonshine Inc is a deep simulation of brewing illegal booze, from precisely tweaking your formulas to keeping the cops off your tail.

8. A Little to the Left

A Little to the Left is a surprisingly satisfying game about tidying up. If you’re into games like Unpacking, A Little to the Left should scratch your organization itch with cozy puzzles and adorable art.

7. Writer’s Block

Y’all heard of Wordle? If the internet phenomenon isn’t quite your flavor or word game or it’s got you wanting more than one round a day, Writer’s Block is for you. It combines a word-guessing game with turn-based battles and roguelike mechanics Slay the Spire players will recognize.

6. The Wandering Village

The Wandering Village is a city builder with a unique twist. You’re tasked with building your village on the back of a giant creature, balancing your desire for growth with your majestic host’s needs.

5. Turbo Overkill

Boomer shooters are huge right now, if you haven’t heard. Take for example Turbo Overkill, a Doom-inspired FPS with frantic gunfights, a blend of modern and old-school graphics, and a protagonist with a chainsaw for a leg.

4. The Machine That Breathes

Survival horror adventure The Machine That Breathes follows a sentient AI trapped in an underground city. With glorious lo-fi graphics that look like a haunted Game Boy game, it should appeal to fans of Resident Evil and Soma.

3. Neon White

Neon White is a first-person action parkour game with a clever deck-building strategy element built in. The intriguing clash of genres comes from the developer of indie hit Donut County.

2. The Iron Oath

In The Iron Oath, you guide a band of mercenaries through extremely demanding turn-based battles in a decades-spanning story. Your choices change the world on and off the battlefield — and the game features gorgeous pixel art to boot.

1. Card Shark

Card Shark is a very different kind of card game than we’re used to, where cheating is the whole point. You play as a card-counting swindler climbing the social ladder of 18th-century France by any means necessary.

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