Look: Starfield shines in 11 new pieces of concept art

A behind-the-scenes look at 2022’s most anticipated game.

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Bethesda’s Starfield is one of the most anticipated games in the works, and the developer’s first new IP in 25 years. Building a new world takes a lot of work, and we got a peek into that process in a new behind-the-scenes video.

Here’s are 11 incredible concept images showing the worlds of Starfield.

1. Orbital view

Concept art of planets seen from afar looks inspired by pulp sci-fi novel covers, and their adventurous tone could make its way into the gameplay as well.

2. Cave diving

Starfield is about exploring other planets, so creating a wealth of diverse ecosystems clearly seems like a priority for Bethesda.

3. Into the wild

Environments in the concept art range from arid deserts to lush rainforests.

4. City on the sea

Human habitats embrace a range of sci-fi concepts, from fantastical domed cities to more hardscrabble space western settlements.

5. City living

Starfield could take players away from the frontier to high-tech megalopolises like the one seen here.

6. Hard times

Other settlements have a distinctly run-down, lived-in feel that may remind some of a certain galaxy far, far away.

7. Familiar but different

The range of building styles and living conditions shown in the concept art suggests a sprawling interplanetary society that’s been expanding for quite some time.

8. Bucket of bolts

There are hints that keeping your ship in working order as you traverse the stars will be a big part of Starfield’s gameplay. The mech seen in the reveal trailer also makes an appearance here.

9. Repair shop

Collecting a hangar full of ships or at least tuning your interstellar ride seems like a natural extension of character building in past Bethesda games.

10. To boldly go

Character customization, whether it’s choosing stats or just changing equipment, seems to be important in Starfield as well.

11. Scum and villainy

Clothes make a statement, and the ones we’ve seen already suggest you can fashion your character as a brave explorer or a dastardly space pirate.

Starfield is set for a November 11, 2021 release, when we’ll see how its concept art translates to the actual game.

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