Star Wars Day

8 can’t-miss Star Wars Day video game sales

Star Wars day is over, but you still have time to pick up some great Star Wars games.



May the Fourth is the biggest day of the year for Star Wars fans, and to celebrate, a huge batch of Star Wars games are on sale on PC and PlayStation for the next week.


These Star Wars games are on sale on PC through May 10 and on PlayStation through May 12.

8. The Sims 4: Journey to Batuu

$14 PC (ends May 17)

The Journey to Batuu Game Pack adds loads of Star Wars-themed items to The Sims 4. If you ever wanted to spice up your home life with a lightsaber, here’s your chance.

7. Star Wars: The Old Republic

The MMORPG Star Wars: The Old Republic is already free-to-play, but if you log on between now and May 18, you can snag a new pet droid for free.

6. Star Wars Episode I Racer

$5 PlayStation

Who would have thought a racer game would be the best prequels spinoff? Star Wars Episode I Racer features blisteringly fast podraces and tons of characters with perfectly normal names like Teemto Pagalies.

5. Vader Immortal

$15 PSVR, Quest 2

VR fans can snag Vader Immortal for half off during the sale. In three short episodes, it tells the story of your run-in with the infamous Sith Lord through puzzles and lightsaber battles.

4. Star Wars Republic Commando

$7.50 PlayStation

Lightsabers may be more iconic, but it’s hard to imagine Star Wars without blasters. Underrated shooter Star Wars Republic Commando casts you as the leader of a clone trooper squad after Episode 2.

3. Star Wars Battlefront 2

$8 PC, $5 PlayStation

One of the great comeback stories in gaming. Battlefront 2 took a turn for the Dark Side at launch with loads of microtransactions, but their removal and years of free updates have made it an incredible multiplayer shooter.

2. Star Wars: Squadrons

$10 PC/PlayStation

Space sims are rarer than they used to be, and one of the best in recent years also happens to be a Star Wars game. Squadrons features a short, fun campaign and thrilling competitive multiplayer.

1. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

$10 PC/PlayStation

Respawn Entertainment’s Souls-like is the best Star Wars game in years. You can snag it for cheap before the release of Jedi: Fallen Order 2.


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