13 stunning games featured in the Nintendo Indie World Showcase

The rest of 2022 is looking bright for indie games on Nintendo Switch.


Aggro Crab

Yes, another Nintendo presentation has gone by without Silksong. But before you go posting angry tweets about it, check out the baker’s dozen of incredible indie games revealed at the latest Indie World Showcase.

Team OFK

Here’s every game featured at the May 2022 Nintendo Indie World Showcase.

13. Ooblets

Aside from being a very fun word to say, Ooblets is a charmingly strange life sim/turn-based battle/critter collecting combo. It’s a perfect game to unwind with and it comes to Switch in the summer of 2022.

12. Batora: Lost Haven

Batora: Lost Haven is a stylish top-down action RPG, similar to last year’s excellent Curse of the Dead Gods. You’ll need to fight through enemies and solve puzzles as you explore mysterious alien planets when it launches in fall 2022.

11. ElecHead

Made by solo developer NamaTakahashi, ElecHead is already a cult hit on PC for its extremely clever puzzles using simple, intuitive mechanics. It heads to Switch in summer 2022.

10. Soundfall

Soundfall is a unique blend of rhythm and action gameplay. Time your shots to the beat to power up your attacks and unleash special music attacks. There are even local and online co-op if you really want to make a cacophony. It’s available now on Switch.

9. Wildfrost

Arriving this holiday season, Wildfrost is a roguelike deck builder à la Slay the Spire. Going by the trailer, expect a killer soundtrack and some of the cutest card art you ever did see.

8. Totally Accurate Battle Simulator

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator is a silly, chaotic, and of course, totally accurate playground where you can pit absurd armies against each other in a series of challenges and a sandbox mode. The Switch version lands this summer.


Devolver Digital

7. Gunbrella

One of the show’s standouts, Gunbrella puts you in the shoes of a woodsman with an umbrella that can shoot and deflect bullets... for some reason. With incredible pixel art and branching quests, Gunbrella, from the developer of Gato Roboto launches in 2023.

6. We Are OFK

Narrative adventure We Are OFK follows a group of musicians in LA navigating love, art, and the never-ending struggle to afford rent. We are OFK hits Switch this summer.

Team OFK
5. Silt

Coming to Switch in June 2022, Silt is an aquatic puzzle adventure with gorgeous monochromatic hand-drawn art. You’ll need to avoid deep-sea monstrosities and use their powers for yourself to get to the bottom of this mystery.

4. Mini Motorways

The sequel to Mini Metro is available now on Switch. This soothing but hectic puzzle game challenges you to build the perfect city solely by managing its traffic flow.

Dinosaur Polo Club
3. Wayward Strand

Set in rural Australia in the ‘70s, Wayward Strand casts you as a teen journalist uncovering stories in a flying hospital. The story plays out in real-time, so you need to choose where to spend your time. Wayward Strand launches on July 21, 2022.

2. Cult of the Lamb

One of the year’s most anticipated indie games launches later in 2022. Cult of the Lamb is a farming sim/dungeon crawler with a dark twist. You play as a lamb gathering followers for an elder god who will definitely reward and not sacrifice you for your service.

Devolver Digital
1. Another Crab’s Treasure

Going Under developer Aggro Crab closed the show with its crabby new Soulslike, Another Crab’s Treasure. In this undersea adventure coming in 2023, you can collect trash to use as a temporary shell after yours is stolen.

Aggro Crab

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