10 Nintendo Switch games you can beat in a long weekend

You don’t need 500 hours to play some of the best games around.

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It can be fun to lose yourself in a game for an unspeakable amount of time, but sometimes it’s better just to enjoy a short fling and move on with your life.

Here are the 10 best games on Nintendo Switch you can beat over a long weekend.

10. Sayonara Wild Hearts

1 hour

Sayonara Wild Hearts isn’t the most complex rhythm game around, but its gorgeous art style and incredible synth pop soundtrack make it unmissable. Once you beat the game, you unlock an extremely replayable continuous “album mode.”


2 hours

ABZÛ is a nearly conflict-free game of ocean exploration. It only takes two hours to finish, but you may find yourself lingering much longer just to enjoy the game’s beautiful underwater world.

8. Subsurface Circular

2 hours

In this overlooked gem, you play as a robot detective investigating a series of disappearances solely through dialogue. An unlockable commentary makes it worth playing through again.

7. Umurangi Generation

3 hours

Umurangi Generation beautifully captures the joy of photography and the not-joy of surviving in a world in crisis. Its Māori-influenced aesthetic feels just as unique as its deep photography mechanics.

6. What the Golf?

4 hours

What the Golf? is an absurd golf game with rules that change every few rounds. It packs an unbelievable number of surprises into just a few hours.

5. Gato Roboto

4 hours

Gato Roboto is a loving Metroid homage starring an adorable, mech-suited cat. It introduces new weapons and mechanics at a rapid clip throughout a short adventure that’ll leave you wanting more.


4 hours

GRIS is a masterclass in not overstaying your welcome. This simple platformer tells a subtle, surprisingly emotional story across a handful of gorgeous environments and ends well before the novelty wears off.

3. Celeste

8 hours

Just because a game is short doesn’t mean it has to be easy. Celeste is a challenging platformer with generous difficulty options and a deeply satisfying story.

2. Ori and the Blind Forest

10 hours

The Switch is full of great platformers, and Ori and the Blind Forest is one of the best (and prettiest) of the bunch. It’s definitely on the tough side, but it’s still a manageable length even if you get stuck at a few of the trickier bits.

1. Steamworld Heist

12 hours

Image and Form’s Steamworld Dig games get a lot of love, but the 2D tactics spinoff Heist is just as good, with sharp writing and clever level design. It’ll scratch your strategy itch without a major time commitment.

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