Look: 14 images of Lego's amazing new Super Mario 64 set

But there’s more than power-ups inside.

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Lego and Nintendo have been getting pretty cozy lately, with sets based on Super Mario and even an NES made of bricks.

Their next collaboration comes in the form of one of Mario’s most iconic visuals: the question block.

The set is built from 2,064 pieces.

A brick made of other bricks may not seem that exciting, but there’s a lot more to it than that.

Open up the block, and you’ll find mini sets based on four levels from Super Mario 64.

The stages fold out from the block and slide back in with seemingly minimal effort.

Inside, you’ll find Peach’s Castle (complete with a minimalist Peach).

Tucked underneath is the Lethal Lava Trouble stage.

You can relive Super Mario 64’s Cool, Cool Mountain level by callously chucking one of these cute penguins right off the edge.

Bob-omb Battlefield comes with a King Bob-omb figure, owner of the only mustache fine enough to rival Mario’s.

Despite being made of just three blocks, everyone’s favorite mushroom-munching plumber is instantly recognizable.

10 minifigures are included in total: Mario, Princess Peach, Yoshi, King Bob-omb, Chain Chomp, Big Bully, Mr. I, Lakitu, and two penguins.

You can use the previously released interactive Mario and Luigi figures to find 10 stars hidden around the question block set.

The Super Mario 64 question block set will be available from Lego stores or Lego.com starting October 1, 2021, or from other retailers starting in 2022.

Start saving your coins now, because the set costs a whopping $170.

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