Hitman 3: The real-life locations behind every level

The Hitman series has always taken Agent 47 to some gorgeous locales across the globe, and Hitman 3 is no different.

Here are all of Hitman 3's locations and their real-life inspirations.

Dubai, UAE

Hitman 3 starts with Agent 47 parachuting onto a gargantuan skyscraper jutting above the clouds in Dubai.

DieterMeyrl/E+/Getty Images

The real-life Dubai is a high-end tourist destination known for its rapid expansion and outlandish architecture.

Dartmoor, England

Thornbridge Manor in Dartmoor serves as a backdrop for a murder mystery mission in Hitman 3.

Andrew Turner/Moment/Getty Images

The real Dartmoor, in southern England, is a popular tourist spot with hundreds of square miles of protected natural landscape.

Berlin, Germany

Agent 47 briefly visits one of Berlin's famed night clubs while tracking down his next target.

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Berlin is renowned for its nightlife and art scene and is full of important historical sites.

Chongqing, China

Agent 47 travels to Chongqing to clear his name in one of Hitman 3's final missions.

Stefan Tomic/iStock Unreleased/Getty Images

Chongqing served as China's provisional capital during World War II and is now a major hub of transportation and scientific research.

Mendoza, Argentina

Hitman 3's trip to wine country takes an unexpected turn when Agent 47 shows up to assassinate two key targets.

Edsel Querini/E+/Getty Images

In real life, Mendoza's vineyards make it one of the most important cities for wine in South America.

Carpathian Mountains, Romania

Hitman 3 ends with a train ride through the frigid Carpathian Mountains in Romania, where Agent 47's story began.

Razvan Prepelita / EyeEm/EyeEm/Getty Images

The actual Carpathian mountain range runs through Eastern Europe, comprising both frozen peaks and lush forests.

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