16 explosive images of Final Fantasy XVI from State of Play

It breaks us — it unmakes us.

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On June 2, Sony kicked off Not-E3 week with a 30-minute State of Play Showcase, capping off the event with a new look at Final Fantasy XVI.

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Here are 16 dazzling screenshots from the latest trailer, along with some of the newest details we have about the game.

The latest trailer emphasizes that Eikons (or Summons), will play a major role in the mechanics and story of FF16.

Here’s a closer look at the lightning Eikon, Ramuh.

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According to producer Naoki Yoshida, the game is in the “final leg of development” and is focusing on polish ahead of the game’s summer 2023 launch.

While previous footage of the game has been dazzling, there’s no question this latest trailer is on a whole other level.

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The trailer is full of clues to decipher about the game’s story.

This burly fellow seems to be associated with the Titan Eikon. Which makes sense.

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We see him again at what appears to be a feast, accompanied by a smaller companion.

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Despite his impeccable style and conspicuous wealth, this king seems like a seriously bad dude.

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Shiva holds a crystal of ice aloft.

Yoshi-P wasn’t kidding when he said this would be a “more mature” Final Fantasy.

Combat mechanics seem to draw generously from Final Fantasy VII Remake, with stagger mechanics and damage multipliers.

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Ifrit appears on the scene, just as hotheaded as ever.

You won’t just control Clive and other humans, but the Eikons themselves in what Yoshi-P describes as “epic clashes.”

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The three-minute trailer draws to a close with a final look at Clive.

Final Fantasy XVI launches on PlayStation 5 in summer 2023.

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